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Indigo Platinum Mastercard Guide

MyIndigocard – Login & Activate Indigo Platinum Mastercard: ( Advantages & Disadvantages )

MyIndigocard is basically platinum mastercard provided by Celticbank for the users who are below perfect for the management of their finances of the card. This is Platinum Card and assigned by three major bureaus to keep the track of your financial records.

This makes you responsible for keeping the tracks of your payments. Indigo Card can be used anywhere where Like the Master Cards.

This card is not only to handle your finances but it comes up with the extensive services online on the website So, you can have a unique and considerable experience. The website not only helps to keep a record of your finances but also assists with online bill payments, transactions and much more.

Amazing Characteristics of MyIndigoCard:

  • In the application of this credit card, the application is far easily approved in comparison to others.
  • While the very nominal fee starting from $0 till $99 depending on credit worth in your card.
  • Bankruptcy filers are also eligible. 
  • $300 is the maximum credit you can get on this card
  • By gaining the services of this card you are not eligible for any gifts or rewards.

How to Apply for MyIndigoCard Online:

If you are interested to apply for MyIndigoCard you need to apply for the card in the following manner.

  • First, you need to visit the website:
  • Now, enter your invitation number and Zip Code and start the application process.
  • If you haven’t received any of the invitations then you need to apply for pre-qualification request

If you already applied Indigocard here is the process to activate it.

Conditions to Apply: 

Your age should be 18 years or above and you should not have submitted the request in the last two months for MyIndigoCard.

How Indigo MasterCard works:

MyIndigoCard, in terms of bad credit history, is your best option for the Credit card as it does not consider your previous credit history rather it accepts your invitation for the new card.

  • Firstly if you have received an acknowledgment email through customer service for the Indigo Card. So, now you need to enter the invitation amount on the page for the procedure to move further.
  • In the events that you do not receive an email for the invitation letter which is considered as a pre-approval letter, then you have to fill in for the pre-qualifying Indigo card.
  • Customer care service of MyIndigoCard will check and inform you about your current credit information which requires no fee but the annual fee is still payable in this case.

How to Register Indigo MasterCard?

To acquire the services provided by MyIndigoCard you need to have a login on an online portal. If you don’t have an account then you need to register for one the procedure is as follows:

Indigo MasterCard register
  • Firstly, you need to open the website webpage.
  • Here you will see a portal for registration, click the “Register now” button.
  • Next, it will require your account number which you have to fill in very carefully.
  • Now, fill in your details about the like date of birth and social security number. I personally think azpeople is amazing.
  • Finally, click the NEXT button to complete the registration procedure of MyIndigoCard.

Activation Process of MyIndigoCard:

After receiving your card the activation procedure has to be followed for your card to work. It is possible with both, web and mobile. Both the procedures are stated as follow

1- On Web:

  • Go to the official website page
  • Now, as you are already registered you have to enter your credentials.
  • Now click on the LOGIN button.
  • Select the PIN code for your card.
  • After filling in the essential details you can click on the ACTIVATE button.

2- On Mobile

  • You first need to dial the number 1-866-946-9545 for the process of activation
  • Follow the instructions and activate your card.
  • Press # for the customer executive that will connect you to the agent directly.
  • Now, you need to provide the details asked for and you will get your card activated soon.

Step By Step Login Procedure:

The cardholders who already have registered and activated their cards can follow these easy steps to log in to their accounts and benefit from the online services of MyIndigoCard.

  • Open the official website of the MyIndigoCard which is 
  • Then enter the required information (Username and password).
  • Now, you can click on the Login button for access to your account.

In case of forgetting your Username or Password

In case of that you are unfortunately re not able to remember your password or username you can follow the steps given which resolves your issue while ensuring your security in the process;

  • Click on the link given Forgot your password.
  • Now enter your email to which the link to recover your password will be sent.
  • Here enter the details like SSN and DOB.
  • After entering the details you will receive the new username or password on the given email.

Bill Payments through MyIndigoCard:

There are four options provided by the MyIndigoCard for the payments online these Include:

  1. Paying bills online: This is the most convenient, fast and reliable method online for you to have your bills paid. You just have to log in to your account enter your details for billing and VOILA! Your payment is done.
  2. Paying bills through Western Union or MoneyGram: For this, you need to find the nearest branch of western union or MoneyGram and process the following information:
  • Name- Genesis FS Card Services
  1. Paying bills over the call: In these, you need to dial the number on the back of your card and provide the required information after which the information will be processed and your bill payments will be made. Otherwise, you can also dial-up customer service number 866-946-9545.
  2. Paying bills through Mailing address: You can also pay your monthly bills using the mailing method, you just need to send the required amount on the address
  • Genesis FS Card Services
  •  PO Box 4477
  •  Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

Advantages of using MyIndigoCard:

  1. You can utilize the records online whenever you want
  2. It builds up your further record for loan repayment
  3. It influences your FICO rating 
  4. It provides remarkable security service if the card is lost or stolen
  5. Keeps your record in an appropriate condition.

Dis-Advantages of Using MyIndigoCard:

  1. You have to give the security store to the card.
  2. Other Credit cards may provide better services and rewards 
  3. The initial payment of the card may not be affordable by many.
  4. These cards show that the user is not having enough balance.